Brand: SIGA

Durably self-adhesive, elastic and solvent-free high-performance adhesive for connecting layers to a range of substrates.

Primur® roll: Adhesive compound in roll form without drying time for airtight and windtight connection of layers indoors and outdoors.

Primur® tubular bag / cartridge: Adhesive compound for airtight connection of vapour control layers to indoor plastered masonr

SIGA Siga Primur
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Temperature Resitance

  • -40° to 100° C

Processing Temperature

  • Cartridge/ Tubular Bad: From +5° C
  • Roll: From -10° C

Diffusion-Equivalent Air Layer Thickness Sd (for 4 mm Bead Thickness)

  • 4 m

Airtightness: Joint Permeability Coefficient Linear Reference Air Permeability

  • < 0.1 m³ /(hmdaPA2/3) m³ /(mh)
  • ≤ 0.25 m³ /(hmdaPA2/3) m³ /(mh

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