DELTA®-Vent S / Plus

Brand: Delta®

DELTA®-VENT S is a highly vapor permeable WRB, allowing moisture within the building enclosure to escape through the membrane via diffusion. Its high permeability and air-tightness make it an ideal air and water-resistive barrier membrane for energy-efficient construction.

The product is watertight and protects the building enclosure from wind-driven rain. DELTA®-VENT S is very lightweight and tear-resistant. This membrane withstands the rigors of jobsites, as well as tough wind and weather.
  • Waterproof, resisting the passage of bulk water from wind-driven rain and snow
  • High permeability – moisture accumulation within the structure is able to escape via diffusion
  • Maximizes air tightness, making it ideal for energy-efficient construction
  • Fabric layer on the lower side protects the WRB against damage (e.g. roughly sawn sheathing)
  • Matte black; prevents blinding glare during installation
  • Lightweight, easily lined up and unrolled
  • Large roll size simplifies installation, while minimizing laps and maximizing productivity

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DELTA® - Vent S Plus
Add-Ons DELTA Bug Screen, DELTA Multiband, DELTA FAS Corner, DELTA Flexx-Band
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DELTA® - Vent S
Add-Ons DELTA Bug Screen, DELTA Multiband, DELTA Flexx-Band, DELTA FAS Corner
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  • Gray

Water Vapor Transmission

  • 820 g/m²/24 h
  • 472 g/m²/24 h

Vapor Permeance

  • 120 perms [grains/h/ft²/in Hg]
  • 69 perms [grains/h/ft²/in Hg]

Breaking Strength

  • CD 67.3 lb
  • MD 69.9 lb

Elongation at Break

  • CD 74.1 %
  • MD 44.6 %

Tear Resistance

  • CD 1,588 g
  • MD 1,078 g

Trapezoid Tearing Strength

  • CD 14.6 lb
  • MD 21.6 lb

Water Penetration Resistance

  • 642.8 cm

Water Impact Penetration Resistance

  • No Water Passing

Flame Spread

  • NFPA Class A, UBC Class I
  • 25

Smoke Developed

  • NFPA Class A, UBC Class I
  • 105

UV Exposure

  • Pass (> 90 % Tensile Retention After UV Exposure)

Temperature Range

  • -40° to 176° F (-40° to 80° C)

Roll Weight

  • Approximately 24 lb (11 kg)

Roll Length

  • 164’ (50 m)

Roll Width

  • 4’ 11” (1.5 m)

Certifications & Approvals

  • CCMC
  • ICC

DELTA®-VENT S is installed outboard of the sheathing prior to the application of the final cladding system. Use DELTA®-LFS 100% silicone for liquid flashing and sealant applications. 

Do not use sealants, flashings, products or chemicals that contain surfactants on DELTA® water-resistive and air barrier membranes because they can adversely affect the water hold-out properties of any PP spunbond-based water-resistive barrier. 

Such products may include asphaltic materials, various chemicals, acid-based silicones, cleaning compounds, and certain formulations of liquid flashings, e.g. specific STP-based materials. Always confirm compatibility with the manufacturer’s published technical data sheets and with the manufacturer’s technical department. DELTA®Accessories complement the WRB / Air Barrier installation. DELTA®-VENT S is also available in the PLUS version with a self-adhesive edge.

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