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DELTA®-TRELA is a vapor-permeable underlayment with structured separation and drainage - specifically designed for metal roofs and façades with metal cladding, preventing corrosion and moisture accumulation underneath panels and ensuring the longevity of your metal roof.
  • 8 mm studded fiber mat ventilates the underside of the metal panels
  • Drainage course – the studded structure reliably channels residual moisture to the exterior
  • Vapor-permeable, watertight fabric ensures airtightness and allows moisture within the roof cavity to escape via diffusion
  • Rattling noise from rain or hail is reduced by up to 15 dB
  • Installed parallel to the eaves, with the studded structure facing upwards, the next section of membrane is overlapped in shingled fashion, ensuring that water is shed to the exterior
  • Burled, studded texture provides a non-slip surface during installation
  • One-step installation – faster and easier than applying an underlayment and a separation layer in independent steps, saving time and money on project schedules
  • Included with every roll is a package of 120 DELTA®-SEALING NAILS used for fastening




  • Black / Gray

Water Vapor Transmission

  • 820 g/m²/24 h (ASTM E96-05, Proc. A)
  • 472 g/m²/24 h (ASTM E96-05, Proc. B)

Vapor Permeance

  • 69 perms [grains/h/ft²/in Hg] (ASTM E96-05, Proc. A)
  • 120 perms [grains/h/ft²/in Hg] (ASTM E96-05, Proc. B)

Fire Resistance

  • Class E (EN 13501-1)

Structured Separation Layer Height

  • Approximately 5/16” (8 mm)

Temperature Range

  • -40° to 176° F (-40° to 80° C)

Mass per Unit Area

  • > 7.9 oz./yd² (270 g/m²)

Roll Weight

  • Approximately 25 lb (11.4 kg)

Roll Length

  • 98’ (30 m)

Roll Width

  • 3’ 3” (1 m)

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