CVP Flat Roof Manual Venting Skylight

Brand: VELUX®

CVP-Flat roof manual venting skylight combines daylight with fresh air. It lets you ventilate when needed and is perfect for offices, clinics, workshops and other environments where daylight and fresh air are required.

The double-glazed units has a laminated inner pane for additional safety. The clear polycarbonate dome is designed to protect the double-glazed unit below from rain and snow.
  • Mains powered window for flat roofs
  • Simple convenient wall switch
  • Pre-installed hidden window operator
  • Rain sensor ensures that the window closes automatically in case of rain
  • Easy installation of mains powered decoration and sun screening products
  • Wear-resistant, high quality white PVC frame
  • Low energy insulating glass unit
  • Protective dome
  • Maintenance-free surfaces



Inner Glass Pane

  • 2 x 3 mm Laminated Float with Low ε Coating

Outer Glass Pane

  • 4 mm Float with Coating


  • 14.5 mm

Glass Panes

  • Double

Gas Filling

  • Argon


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