DELTA®-TW Flashing

Part Number: DE002TW-18 Brand: Delta®

DELTA Through Wall Flashing 18"

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DELTA®-TW FLASHING is a premium, durable, self-adhering flashing designed for through-wall applications. It adheres tenaciously to seal the interface between common building substrates, including lintels and brick ledges, and to all DELTA® air- and water-resistive barrier membranes.

This product is composed of a special polypropylene carrier film along with a pressure-sensitive butyl-base adhesive with an easily removed polyethylene (PE) release liner.

In addition, DELTA®-TW FLASHING is very puncture resistant with excellent self-sealing qualities that resist air and water ingress at vulnerable detail areas. It is non-bituminous, low odor, and suitable for LEED® rated projects by contributing to a more durable, sustainable, and energy-efficient structure.

It is fully compliant with AAMA 711-07 Voluntary Specification for Self-Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Products.

DELTA®-TW FLASHING comes in 18” x 75’ (45.72 cm x 22.86 m) rolls. There are 4 rolls per box.




  • White with Blue Print

Tensile Strength

  • 3.5 N/mm (Breaking Force)

Elongation at Break

  • 696%

900 Peel Adhesion

  • 0.39 N/mm (Over OSB)
  • 0.96 N/mm (Over Aluminum)
  • 0.69 N/mm (Over Vinyl)
  • 0.44 N/mm (Over Plywood)

Accelerated Aging

  • 2.42 N/mm (Peel Adhesion)

Elevated Temperature Exposure

  • 1.83 N/mm (Peel Adhesion)

Thermal Cycling

  • 2.46 N/mm (Peel Adhesion)

Adhesion of Self-Adhering Flashing After Water Immersion

  • 0.99 N/mm (Peel Adhesion Initial)
  • 1.85 N/mm (Peel Adhesion After Water Immersion)

Roll Size

  • 18” x 75’ (46 cm x 22.86 m) 4 Rolls per Box

Maximum UV (sunlight) Exposure

  • UV/ Weather Exposure Up to 180 Days in Climate Zones 3-8, and Up to 150 Days in Climate Zones 1-2. as per Good Building Practice, Cover Any WRB as Soon as Possible


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