Vertical & Horizontal Hook

Brand: Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

LOGIX Vertical & Horizontal Hooks provides a quick and easy alternative to using zip ties, tape or foam adhesive when securing forms together. One great aspect of the LOGIX Hooks is that they can be used in any weather, with very little effort to install. 

Making sure the top course of forms is securely anchored to the course below is an important step in preparation for the pour. The LOGIX Vertical Hook secures the top course from being tipped by workers, or bumped out of place by pump hoses. 

The LOGIX Horizontal Hook is used on the first course to ensure a tight joint between LOGIX forms. Using the LOGIX Horizontal Hook on the first course helps maintain the interlock pattern for the next course, and keeps the top course from spreading horizontally during concrete placement.
  • Attach first course of forms end to end with tight joints to ensure accurate interlock alignment
  • Securely anchor forms to one another in extreme cold or wet weather
  • Connect grade beam forms together easily
  • Anchors top course of forms from tipping during concrete placement
  • Ties corner forms horizontally into wall for more stability during concrete placement

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