DELTA®-Adhesive LVC

Part Number: DE006LVC Brand: Delta®

DELTA Adhesive LCV

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DELTA®-ADHESIVE LVC is an emulsion, rubber-based adhesive. It is a surface preparation that increases bond strength of self-adhering membranes.

The product is California-compliant low VOC (solvent), suitable for use with self-adhering membranes such as DELTA®-VENT SA.

It can be applied to masonry, concrete, exterior grade gypsum board and metal surfaces.

DELTA®-ADHESIVE LVC is the product of choice on above-grade applications of self-adhered membranes where a quick-setting, aggressive tack, solvent-based, lower VOC adhesive is required.
  • Quick setting
  • Aggressive tack provides increased adhesion of membrane
  • Suitable for application at normal and low temperatures
  • Easily applied
  • Compliant with OTC rules for industrial adhesives and
  • California South Coast Rule 1168.




  • Blue

Solids by Volume

  • Approximately 35 %


  • Approximately 0.919 kg/L (7.67 lbs/gal)

Application Temperature

  • -12° to 40° C (10° to 104° F)


  • Up to 8.2 m² /l (350 ft² /gallon)

Drying Time

  • Initial Set: 30 minutes
  • Set Through: 2 hours

Service Temperature

  • -40° to 70° C (-40° to 150° F)


  • Wet: Flammable
  • Dry: Burns


  • 17 L (4.49 gallons) per Pail

  • Surfaces must be dry and free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, ice or other foreign matter
  • Apply by brush or roller. Rollers should have a heavy nap of natural material such as lamb’s wool
  • Allow adhesive to dry 30 minutes before applying membrane, longer under cold conditions
  • Coated surfaces not covered by membrane during the working day must be re-coated
  • To clean up use mineral spirits. Clean hands with a waterless hand sanitizer

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