TremGlaze Flex Foam

Brand: Tremco Incorporated

TremGlaze® Flex is a single-component, high-performance, gun-grade polyurethane flexible foam that performs as a thermal barrier. The lowexpansion formulation is specifically designed for use in the TremGlaze window and door installation system. 

With an industry leading movement range of +/-15% (Movement Accommodation Factor of 30%), TremGlaze Flex protects against thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Single-component polyurethane foam with a (H)CFC-free propellant
  • Low Pressure Build
  • High yield versus existing polyurethane foams
  • Low water absorption
  • Quick tack-free time
  • Excellent properties at low ambient temperatures.

TREMCO TremGlaze Flex Foam
Available Add-Ons: Builder Seal 7" Metal Gun Sprayfoam Gun, TremGlaze Foam Cleaner
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Service Temperature

  • -40° to 194° F (-40° to 90° C)


  • White

Tack Free Time

  • FEICA 1014: 10 min at 73° F (23° C) and 50% RH

Cutting Time

  • FEICA 1005: 45 min at 73° F  (23° C) and 50% RH

Water Absorption

  • ASTM D2842: 0.003
  • AAMA 81: Tested in Accordance

Theoretical Yield

  • FEICA 1003: 31.28 L

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