TERRAFOAM Type 1 (2x8 sheets)

Brand: Terrafoam

TERRAFOAM is an inert closed cell expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.) insulation material. It has excellent resistance to freeze/thaw and has zero capillarity and low moisture absorption properties. TERRAFOAM will never rot, or support mold or mildew. TERRAFOAM is suited to a wide range of applications because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, and economical cost. It is manufactured in a range of densities, in order to meet specific application requirements. Standard sheet sizes are 2’X8’ (610mm x 2440mm) and 4’X8’ (1220mm x 2440mm), but TERRAFOAM is also produced to custom sizes, with edges plain or shiplapped. TERRAFOAM contains ordinary air; not refrigerant gases. This means that insulating properties do not degrade over time.

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TERRAFOAM Thickness: 1"
2 - 3 weeks
$6.81 CAD
$75.00 Shipping
TERRAFOAM Thickness: 1.5"
2 - 3 weeks
$10.22 CAD
$75.00 Shipping
TERRAFOAM Thickness: 2"
Out of Stock
$13.64 CAD
$75.00 Shipping
TERRAFOAM Thickness: 2.5"
2 - 3 weeks
$17.04 CAD
$75.00 Shipping
TERRAFOAM Thickness: 3"
2 - 3 weeks
$20.45 CAD
$75.00 Shipping
TERRAFOAM Thickness: 3.5"
2 - 3 weeks
$23.85 CAD
$75.00 Shipping
TERRAFOAM Thickness: 4"
2 - 3 weeks
$27.26 CAD
$75.00 Shipping

  • Perimeter insulation for grade beams and foundation walls
  • Under concrete slabs on grade
  • Exterior Insulation
  • Above-grade insulating sheathing under stucco and siding
  • Masonry Cavity Walls
  • Roof Insulation, flat and sloped applications
  • Coolers, Freezers and Ice Arenas
  • Floatation applications
  • Hot Tub Covers
  • Packaging, protection, container linings
  • Custom fabrications and applications

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