Loose Fill Insulation

Brand: Havelock Wool

Installation procedures and techniques must be as recommended by Havelock Wool. Loosefill insulation can be installed by hand though pneumatic blowing is recommended. There are various machines fit for installing wool. A typical insulation blower will not work. A commercial vacuum is recommended.

HAVELOCK Wool Loose Fill Insulation
Available Add-Ons:90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive, Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation SM600L
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Surface Burning

  • Flame Spread (Class A) (ASTM E-84)

Fire Hazard

  • Smoke Developed (Class A) (ASTM E-84)

Thermal Conductivity

  • Resistance Value (ASTM C-518)

Water Vapor Transmission

  • 108 ng/(Pa·s·m) (ASTM E-96)

Moisture Storage Function

  • Moisture Content 10 % at 50 % Relative Humidity (ASTM C-1498)

Fungi Resistance (Mold)

  • Pass (ASTM C-1338)


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