Direction: Left Hand Side

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The J’d Out Kickout is a reliable shield and diverter against water infiltration.
This new flashing is for any home and can be used with any exterior products for a roof or side walls. 80% of damaging water intrusions to side walls are due to missing or improperly installed kickouts.
The J’d Out Kick Out aid in avoiding this detrimental problem. Seamlessly directs water away from the house. Our flashing does exactly what it should by kicking out water. With the goal of sending that water back to ground where Mother Nature intended it to be!
Preventing water from soaking into a home’s side walls which will eventually cause rot and mold damage.
J’d Out Kickout takes away the guess work! Eliminate inconsistent homemade kickouts that do not perform. This product comes with built-in J channel and easily integrates and installs with siding and roofing.
This new and innovative product works with all types of siding vinyl, fiber cement, cedar, etc.
Count on J’d Out Kickout for consistent, dependable, and worry-free protection against all harsh and unpredictable weather!
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