Series: ROTHOBLAAS Traspir Adhesive 260 Brand: Rothoblaas

ROTHOBLAAS Traspir Adhesive 260

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The self-adhesive vapor control membrane ensures good adhesion even on the roughest surfaces, thanks to the new adhesive that guarantees rapid installation without compromising the membrane's performance.

The adhesive surface prevents the formation of airflow behind the membrane in case of accidental breakage or failure to seal. Versatile membrane, offers a solution both as protection during construction and as an effective and safe vapor control membrane. The acrylic dispersion glue has a specific formulation to prevent altering the vapor control membrane functions of the functional film inside the membrane.

TRASPIR ADHESIVE 260 is placed parallel to the eaves line, starting from the lower edge of the roof. The second layer must be overlapped by at least 10-20 centimetres to the previous one (depending on the slope of the roof), as indicated on the layout according to UNI 11470:2013. Once at the top of the roof, it is advisable for the membrane to protrude beyond the ridge line by at least 30 centimetres to ensure a perfect overlap with the strips of sheet that will overlap on the other side of the roof. It is also recommended that the sheets overlap by at least 30cm even at the end joints. To achieve correct air and water sealing, we recommend the use of EASY BAND, SPEEDY BAND, FLEXI BAND, FLEXI BAND UV, SOLID BAND, PLASTER BAND, SMART BAND, FACADE BAND UV, FRONT BAND UV, FRONT BAND UV 210, DOUBLE BAND, SUPRA BAND, BUTYL BAND, OUTSIDE GLUE, FIRE SEALING, FIRE STRIPE. If there is an integrated double adhesive strip, it can replace the correct air and water sealing.




  • 1.4m (5ft.)


  • 50m (164ft.)

Total Area

  • 72.5m2 (780 sft.)


  • 0.6 mm

Mass per unit area

  • 260 g/m²

Water vapour transmission (Sd)

  • 0.22 m

Tensile strength MD/CD

  • 315 / 250 N/50mm

Elongation MD/CD

  • 61 / 66 %

Resistance to nail tearing MD/CD

  • 255 / 260 N


  • class W1

Thermal resistance

  • -30 / 80 °C

Resistance to penetration of air

  • 0 m³/(m²·h·50Pa)

Thermal conductivity (λ)

  • 0.3 W/(m·K)

Specific heat

  • 1800 J/(kg·K)


  • 433 kg/m³

Water vapour resistance factor (μ)

  • 3.67

Joint strength

  • 132 / N/50mm

VOC content

  • 0 %

UV stability

  • 3 months

Exposure to weather

  • 4 weeks

Application temperature

  • -5 / 35 °C

Storage temperature

  • 5 / 25 °C

Air barrier

  • passed

Air barrier (before and after ageing)

  • conforming

Water penetration resistance of exterior walls at 300Pa

  • passed
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