DELTA -9" Fassade Flashing Tape - 9" X 65' 7" - 1 Roll"

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High-performance, durable, self-adhering flashing with critical, long-term UV protection. Designed for use in open cladding systems with Delta®-Fassade S, this flashing is highly UV resistant and comes in matching matte black to maintain the desirable high-end shadow look.
Fassade Flashing Tape provides superior adhesion and sealing around windows, doors, and other penetrations for a watertight building enclosure while maintaining the critical UV protection of the system.
A carrier film made from Delta®-Fassade S, a pressure-sensitive adhesive and an easily removable split paper release make up this product. It adheres tenaciously to seal the interface between rough openings for windows and doors, common building substrates, and to Delta®-Fassade S water-resistive barrier membrane.
Delta®-Fassade Flashing is puncture resistant and includes self-sealing qualities that resist air and water ingress at vulnerable detail areas.
Non-bituminous, low odor, and suitable for LEED® rated projects.
9" x 65' 7" (230 mm x 20 m) rolls
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