Series: Self-Stick Pins + Washers Brand: Fasteners

Self-Stick Pins with Washers - Peel & Stick

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The Self Sticking Insul Hangers with Washers are used to fasten materials such as insulation to walls and ceilings. Self-adhesive insulation hangers have a steel base which is backed with a ready to use "Peel & Stick" foam adhesive for quick and easy install onto sheet metal. The base is attached with a sharp pin which pierces the insulation. A Self Locking Washer is then placed onto the pin to securely hold the insulation in place. The excess pin length can then be trimmed.
FASTENER: Self-Stick Washer with Pin: 2.5in H x 2in W x 2in L.

Sold separately - OR by the box upon request.
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