ZIP System® Roof Sheathing

Brand: Huber Engineered Woods, LLC

A strong, resilient roof is a home’s first line of defense when the roof deck is exposed to weather.

ZIP System roof assembly combines our revolutionary integrated sheathing and flashing tape or liquid flashing to provide a sealed roof for protection against moisture intrusion during construction or if high winds strip the roof covering away.

Trust ZIP System roof assembly to help fortify your home against the storm.
  • Protection against water intrusion
  • Structural durability
  • Quicker rough dry-in
  • Eliminate costly re-work

ZIP System® Roof Sheathing
5 - 6 weeks
ZIP System® Roof Sheathing
Out of Stock
ZIP System® Roof Sheathing
Out of Stock


Panel Size

  • 4' x 8'

PS-2 Span Rating

  • 24/16 Structural 1
  • 32/16 Structural 1
  • 40/20 Structural 1

Air Barrier Assembly

  • ASTM E 2357

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