3015UC Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape

Brand: 3M

The 3M™ Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape is a tough commercial flashing tape designed to work with both permeable and non-permeable wall systems.

This tape's extreme flexibility gives it up to 370% elongation both horizontally and vertically, even stretching and conforming around corners.

Don't settle for the standard — let 3M™ Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape help you do your best work.

The 3M™ Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape allows you to simply peel, stretch, and stick. If the desired results aren't achieved on the first application, this tape can be adhered to and repositioned on a wide variety of common building substrates.

Complex penetrations can be completed quickly and efficiently by eliminating the need to cut and splice multiple pieces of tape to achieve optimal coverage.
  • Compatible with common building and construction substrates with both permeable and non-permeable wall systems
  • Provides internal strength and durability for demanding applications
  • Easy, fast, and hassle-free installation without the need for primer
  • Repositionable once applied to help improve final results
  • Offers up to 370% elongation in multiple directions
  • Translucent for visual inspection

3M 3015 UC Grey Flashing Tape (6" x 75')
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3M 3015 UC Grey Flashing Tape (9" x 75')
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Adhesion Strength

  • 130 N/100 mm

Adhesive Type

  • Acrylic, High Performance Acrylic

Application Method

  • Self-adhered


  • Construction, Erosion Protection, Protective Tapes and Film for Doors


  • 3.7%

Elongation at Break

  • >300


  • Construction, General Industrial

Operating Temperature

  • 40° to 300° F (4.4° to 150° C)

Installation Temperature

  • Max. 150° F (65.6° C)

Overall Length

  • 75 ft (22.86 m)

Overall Width

  • 6 in (152.4 mm), 9 in (228.6 mm)


  • Non-Permeable

Product Type

  • Flashing Accessory


  • Grey, Transparent


  • 9 in x 75 ft (228.6 mm x 22.86 m)
  • 6 in x 75 ft (152.4 mm x 22.86 m)

Total Tape Thickness without Liner

  • 38 mil (0.97 mm)

UV Resistant

  • Yes

  • Ideal for the sealing of through-wall flashing penetrations such as ducts, conduits, cables, and pipes
  • Easily enclose rough openings and joints in commercial building applications

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